Branding Terms & Conditions – Metal Graphics
Branding Terms & Conditions
Branding Terms & Conditions
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Branding Terms & Conditions

A. Branding procedure

  1. Artwork layouts can only be created once we have received a signed Sales Order and a 50% deposit confirmation.
  2. Artwork needs to be supplied in a specific format for us to attend to your order quickly and efficiently.
  3. Once we have done the layouts you will be asked to sign a Artwork Approval Form so that a sample can be made for approval.
  4. Artwork for Orders that have a specific Deadline need to signed urgently as we will not commence manufacture or branding without a signed approval form emailed or faxed back to us.
  5. It is recommended that you send your artwork to us first so that we can check to see if the branding type you want will work for you artwork & product selected is correct for your specific artwork.


B. Artwork Requirements General Rules:

  1. Artwork must be PC format only.
  2. Vector artwork is required.
  3. Acceptable formats include EPS, AI, PDF, FH & CDR.
  4. All fonts must be converted to curves to avoid font substitutions.
  5. Please always attach your PC Fonts size and type.
  6. Emailed artwork must be no larger than 5 megs, otherwise please supply the Artwork on a CD to us.
  7. When selecting a branding type, please keep in mind that pricing varies according to branding type, size required and quantity ordered.


I) Embossing, Engraving & Die-cutting Rules:

  1. Logos need to be in black and white.
  2. Black represents the raised part of the artwork and white would be the flat part.
  3. Please check with us that your logo can be embossed, engraved or die cut – certain artwork does not lend itself to these brandingprocesses.
  4. Embossing is recommended for orders greater than 50 units and engraving is recommended where the order is less than 50 units.
  5. Our engraving is variable from quite fine to very deep – the extent of the variation depends on the logo and the effect required.
  6. We do not offer laser engraving.


II) Digital Printing Rules:

  1. Please supply us with both your Pantone and CMYK Codes when digital printing is required.
  2. High resolution images are required (Lowest being 600 DPI – highest being 1200 DPI).
  3. Images need to be scaled to the actual size required.
  4. Please be aware that digital printing onto aluminium will produce a 15% colour variance as opposed to printing onto paper.
  5. We have limitations when it comes to digital printing onto aluminium that is powder coated in colours other than clear or white – therefore please check with us first with regard to your artwork being printed onto other colours.

6. Please note that Metal Graphics will not be held responsible for poor quality of images where the initial artwork supplied is poor.


III) Pad Printing / Screen Printing Rules:

1. Metal Graphics allows up to a maximum of 2 colours for pad and screen printing – for more than 2 colours required please refer to Digital printing.

  1. For orders less than 100 units please refer to digital printing – pad printing is only an option for orders of more than 100 units.
  2. Artwork for pad printing consisting of more than one colour should be sent as a colour separated file.


C. Artwork Fees

  1. Artwork received in the correct format will not be charged for.
  2. Artwork not received in the correct format (as discussed above) will attract a design and redrawing fee of R150 per hour excl vat.
  3. Orders cancelled after layouts have been generated will be charged for at R300 excl vat.