Desk Office Products and Accessories
Desk & Office Accessories | Aluminium Desk & Office Items
Desk & Office Accessories, Clipboard, Conference folders - wire, Conference folders - hinged, Conference boxes, Clipboard boxes, Files - Ringbinders , Files - Leverarch, Files - Portfolio folders, Files - closeable, Files - A-Frame, Files - Business card, Files - CD, Books - wire, Books - hinged , Padholders, Appointment bookstands, Bookends, Name stands, Papercube holders , envelope holders, Business card holders, Desk Tidy - pen&card combo, Desk Tidy - with divisions, Desk Tidy - with cups, Pen holders, Pencil boxes, Tissue boxes - Wall, Tissue boxes - Table, Paper Trays - std, Paper Trays - angled, Desk pads, Mouse pads, Memo holders, Memo clips, Frames - desk, Frames - wall, Office Boards , Door pouches, Magazine holders , Waste paper bins
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Desk Office Products and Accessories

We have various desk and office accessories made in aluminium to help organise the clutter in your office space. This will help to remove the chaos on your desk and in the office allowing you to work in tidy, clear space while putting you in a better frame of mind to tackle your work tasks.

Clipboard Aluminium


Conference Folder Wire

Conference Folders – Wire

Conference Folder Hinged

Conference Folders – Hinged

Conference Boxes

Conference Folders – Boxes

Clipboard Boxes

Clipboard Boxes

Ring binders Files - Aluminium

Files – Ringbinders

Lever Arch Files

Files – Leverarch

Portfolio Folders

Files – Portfolio Files

Close-able Square Files

Files – Closable

A-Frame Folder

Files – A-Frame

Files – Business Card Holder

Files – CD

File Box

Files – Box

File Case

Files – Case

Single File Sleeve

Files – Sleeve – Single

Double File Sleeve

Files -Sleeve – Double

Books Wire Bound`

Books – Wire

Books Hinged Bound

Books – Hinged

Pad Holders

Pad Holders

Appointment Books Stand

Appointment Book Stands

Book Ends


Name Stands

Names Stands

Paper Cube Holders

Paper Cube Holders

Envelope Holder

Envelope Holders

Business Card Holders

Business Card Holders

Desk Tidy Combo Pen and Card

Desk Tidy – Pen & Card Holders

Desk Tidy With Dividers

Desk Tidy – With Dividers

Desk Tidy With Cups

Desk Tidy – With Cups

Pen Holders

Pen Holders

Pencil Box

Pencil Boxes

Tissue Box Cover Wall

Tissue Box Covers – Wall

Tissue Box Cover Table

Tissue Box Covers – Table

Paper Tray Standard

Paper Trays

Paper Tray Angled

Paper Trays – Angled

Desk Pad

Desk Pads

Mouse Pad


Memo Holders Standard

Memo Holders – Standard

Memo Clips Die Cut

Memo Holders – Die Cut

Frame Desk

Frames – Desk

Frames Wall

Frames – Wall

Office Notice Board

Metal Office Boards

Door Pouch

Door Pouches

Magazine Holders

Magazine Holders

Waste Paper Bins

Waste Paper Bins